Psychic Readings, Business & Personal

Daily - 11am to 7pm PST

Psychic Readings - Business & Personal

Monday - Friday 11 am to 7 pm PST

Cost:  $30 for 30 mins  or  $60 hr.

FOR 1 Question - $20 15 mins.


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Psychic Adviser, Daily Readings

Psychic Adviser, Daily Readings 

Psychic Readings - We have the answers.

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Lennis Boyd - Capricorn

Proficient in:  Psychic Readings, Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Connects you to love ones that have passed over.  Chinese, Soul, reg Tarot Card readings.  Voice/Picture  readings.

Trusted adviser and engaging speaker.  Lennis motivates and inspires many clients with her words,  enthusiasm and website!  YouTube Channel - Saturday Night Psychic or Lennis Boyd