Psychic Readings, Business & Personal

Daily - 11am to 7pm PST

Psychic Readings - PERSONAL READINGS

Monday - Friday 11am to 7pm PST

Cost:  $30 for 30 mins  or  $60 hr.

For Lennis & Nina both to read.

Cost:  $60 for 30 mins.  or $120 hr.

FOR 1 Question - $20

Psychic Adviser, Daily Readings

Psychic Adviser, Daily Readings 

Psychic Readings - We have the answers.

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Lennis Boyd - Capricorn

Proficient in:  Psychic Readings, Angel Readings, Past Life Readings, Connects you to love ones that have passed over.  Chinese, Soul, reg Tarot Card readings.  Voice/Picture  readings.

Trusted adviser and engaging speaker.  Lennis motivates and inspires many clients with her words,  enthusiasm and website!  YouTube Channel - Lennis personal

Ms. Nina Menage-Meikle - Virgo

Rekki Master, Teacher, Minister, Photographer, and she has been married 46 years.  She is an excellent Psychic, she helps in seeing the positive aspects of any situation, or facing the reality of it. Excellent cook and caterer for small or large events.