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Psychic Readings - Sundays at 3 pm PST

Psychic Readings - Monday at 6 pm PST

In The Studio with Lennis at 6 pm PST

Friday Traffic Jams - Music at 6 pm PST

"In The Studio with Lennis" 3/13/19

Friday Traffic Jams - "Luther Vandross" 3/16/19

Highlighted weekly shows-


Winter Shows - 2019

Sunday FREE Psychic Readings with Lennis

At 3pm PST, show phone:  646-727-2914

Monday Night Psychic Readings with Lennis & Ms. Nina

At 6pm PST, show phone:  646-727-2914

Wednesday. In The Studio  (Special Guest)

At 6pm PST, show phone 646-727-2914

Friday Traffic Jams  (Music) with Lennis

At 6pm PST, show phone:  646-727-2914

Music variety from the classics to contemporary

radio shows

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