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Special Guest: Harry Petsanis 2nd & 4th Wednesday

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Wednesday at 6pm PST

Ms. Stephanie Brady

“Supernatural Paranormal Investigations Research in Texas”
Our team consists of Daria Vassigh Clark, Sarah Toranto & Steph Brady
Collectively we have 11 years of experience in researching and investigating the paranormal. We are compassionate, caring & most of all, respectful of people & spirits of God. We believe spirits have free will like we do. We also believe they retain the personalities and emotions they had in life. This is something we always try to remember when we investigate - that we are dealing with souls deserving of the same decency and kindness we believe we deserve from others. By using knowledge gleaned from the true scientists of the industry, we are trained and skilled with the methodology of research of the paranormal. 

"In The Studio" with Stephanie Brady

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Winter Shows - 2019

Sunday FREE Psychic Readings with Lennis

At 3pm PST, show phone:  646-727-2914

Monday Night Psychic Readings with Lennis & Ms. Nina

At 6pm PST, show phone:  646-727-2914

Wednesday. In The Studio  (Special Guest)

At 6pm PST, show phone 646-727-2914

Friday Traffic Jams  (Music) with Lennis

At 6pm PST, show phone:  646-727-2914

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